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Stand with Henan, Stay Strong! 在豫外国友人为河南加油,力挺河南!

发布日期:2020-02-13来源:外国专家服务处 阅读次数:0

While the coronavirus is upon us and the country fights it together, foreign experts in Henan are also experiencing it with us. These foreign experts would like to express their thoughts on the situation and offer us their best wishes in dealing with the situation. During this period where everyone is remaining indoors, they are also monitoring the situation closely and are impressed by Henan’s ability to combat this situation effecting all of our lives. They would like to tell us about their daily lives while the virus is being dealt with as well as assure us that “everything will be alright” and wishing Henan well by saying “Stand with Henan, Stay Strong!”

Let's see what these foreigners in China say!

你好,我是Taty老师。I am Tatiana. I am a Canadian permanent resident, originally from Mexico. I work for an international school in Kaifeng in the Henan province, and like many of you I am also waiting, because, really, there's not much else we can do, but to wait, remain calm and stay positive. Seriously, as crazy as it sounds, we have to stay positive!
I am very grateful for all the people who are working so hard to keep everybody safe over there in the Henan province. Thank you! My best wishes to all of you! Happy lantern festival! 元宵节快乐,中国加油。
你好,我是塔蒂老师,来自墨西哥的加拿大人,我现在在河南开封的一家国际学校工作,和其他大多数老师一样,我也在等待,除此以外,我们也只能安静等消息,并保持积极的心态,病毒听起来很可怕,很严重,我们更需要保持积极乐观的态度去应对。我很感激所有在这个时候还在辛勤工作在第一线,为我们的安全而努力着的人们,感谢你们! 祝你们元宵节快乐!

Hello everyone, I’m Yulia, I’m from Russian and I currently work for Zheng Zhou Eastern Education Bureau here in Zhengzhou. And I was about to share my thought about the situation happening. Well, for sure, it is not very pleasant for all of us to stay at home most of time and not going out as we used to. But, basically, that’s it. I mean, there is nothing to worry about, and there is nothing stressed about, because I strongly believe that Chinese government is doing everything possible and the situation is going to be fine soon. So for now we have a lot of time for ourselves . Just for reading the books, watching TV, learning Chinese, yeah that’s my way for learning Chinese and reading books. So and yeah wear a mask when you go out, wash your hands and keep positive thinking. I really think we all are safe here and let’s go through all this together. Wuhan Jiayou! Zhongguo jiayou! Woaini!

Yasser from morocco together with Alexander from Russia, currently living in Xuchang, said we are all aware of the current situation in China. The coronavirus is spreading rapidly. We want to share with you that it is only a struggle if you panic. Let’s just stay strong and believe in Chinese scientists. We all have to stay inside so we have a lot of free time, let’s take the opportunity and use the time wisely, reading some books, studying a foreign language, playing the intellectual board games, and playing some video games. We would very much to thank school for their daily updates and efforts. We are appreciated of the service they provided. We just want everyone to know that we are all in this and let’s stay strong and stay together!


下面是来自俄罗斯的Yulia老师,现在在郑东新区一家幼儿园工作。她在外教们的汉语学习群里也表达了自己的看法。她说:“我认为中国政府已经采取了他们能想到所有的办法来控制疫情,这是一项非常困难的工作。在所有的火车站、机场设置医疗检查站进行防控,甚至在七天内新建了一所医院!请告诉我在别的国家可能吗?疫情发生是我们都不愿意看到情况,会给我们的生活的交通带来很大的不变,但是我个人认为,政府给了我们很多重要的信息,比如:出门要戴口罩,常洗手,要用消毒液清洗等等,除非必要不要出门。在我居住的社区,门卫不让居民以外的人进入,对进出的住户也要量温 ,我不能说我一点都不担心,但是完全没有必要恐慌。”

It is understandable that people are panicking in the face of a big unknown. But we have a rough idea about this virus; it is highly infectious, and not as deadly as SARS. We wash hands, wear masks, maintain good hygiene and keep ourselves happy to let the immune system do its work. Foreign expats in Henan appeal to the public to remain calm, level-headed, and compassionate, as we all work together towards dealing with and containing the threat of the coronavirus.

After several days of efforts, the outbreak was gradually under control, and although medical supplies were still scarce, there are more and more cured cases. We should believe that a peaceful life will come soon, when it comes to the spring, we can step out of the house, do not need everyone wearing a mask, and do not have to worry, We can see the people you want, to embrace the people you miss, to see the city you want, to listen to the good story.

Consequently, I want to pay tribute to all the workers in the frontline, you have worked so hard, please be safe and healthy! Henan Jiayou! China Jiayou!


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